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Round Tablecloth Size Guide

How to measure and buy the right round tablecloth size for a wedding table, reception, banquet table, or any special occasion.

First you’ll need to know the size of your table. Banquet tables usually come in the following dimensions:

Round 30" Seat 2-3 People
Round 36" Seat 4 People
Round 42" Seat 5 People
Round 48" Seat 5 People
Round 54" Seat 6 People
Round 60" Seat 8 People
Round 72" Seat 10 People

The size of the tablecloth you’ll need also depends on the drop. The drop of the tablecloth is the amount of overhand on each side, and is a personal choice.

8 inches (20 cm) is the minimum you should have
10-12 inches (25 to 30.5cm) is a standard lap level drop
15 inches (38cm) for banquet tables lap level
29-30 inches (73.5 to 76 cm) for a floor-length drop

Once you determine what drop is best for you, then add that measurement to the table measurements. Here are some examples:

Round 48” Banquet Table with a 10” drop
10 + 10 + 48 = 68 round. If you cannot get the exact size you need (or custom made tablecloths can get very expensive) go with the next size up. 70 round tablecloths is a standard size most table linen suppliers carry.

Round 72” Banquet Table with a 15” drop
15 + 15 + 72 = 102 round. 102” round tablecloth is the size you need and most all table linen suppliers carry this standard size.

Consider the occasion and overall color scheme when selecting your tablecloth. Longer, floor-length drops are usually used for more formal events. Items like table napkins, chair covers, sashes, centerpiece, wall color, and draperies should coordinate with your tablecloth color.

Table runners and organza overlays can be used to bring in all your colors together and adds that special finishing touch!